Highlighted Projects

Artisanal Food Accelerator

When changes in funding disrupted the employment programs of the ARC, they approached GTG to bring businesses into their facilities with jobs suited to employing the ARC’s clients.

Fashion Accelerator

The city of Newburgh, NY, wanted to create jobs needs for its under-employed, limited-English segment of their workforce.  


Onion farmers in Orange County, NY, asked GTG to find a new, profitable crop for them to grow in their rich, black soil.

Medical Devices and Personal Care Products Accelerator

The city of Middletown, NY, came to GTG to create more white-collar jobs to support their downtown revitalization programs.

Hemp Processing and Testing

The town of Warwick wanted to repurpose a former prison and attract new businesses and jobs in the region.


The Orange County IDA felt it needed to support not just companies moving into the county, but also those already located in the county.